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Loc on CounterClock 27 (Wolf von Witting, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
February 15th, 2017
04:05 pm


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Loc on CounterClock 27 (Wolf von Witting, ed.)
Dear Wolf:

Thank you for CounterClock 27…it is taking me a while to get caught up with everything. I am about a month behind, and this cold isn’t helping. I am feeling better with the application of some good drugs and a pot of coffee. So, here goes…

I certainly agree with Walt Willis. At the Florida Worldcon I went to in 1992, I actually met Walt, and he complemented me on my writing style, and how he enjoyed my locs. I am not sure my feet were making contact with the ground after that. And, I must get with it, and send in our TAFF ballots.

The Twerpcon Report…whoever is the press liaison for any convention has learned, I hope, that the press is not your friend; they usually will not understand your issue that your event needs publicity and a good story in the paper, but will make us look like space cadets for the amusement of their readers. I would use the press only to advertise your event, and nothing after that. I wonder who the Canadian fan was Willis was referring to?

John Purcell will definitely have my TAFF vote…the Purcells share our love of Steampunk. Would you like a picture of me or Yvonne and me from our trip last August in Lincoln, UK?

Page 30…that illustration may be a summary of what’s happening in Washington these days. You change your president, and the whole country goes down the hole. As Karl-Johan Norén says, venues are very important when it comes to cons, but the venue must be chosen that is affordable and convenient to get to. Hotel function space in the Toronto area are getting very expensive, and just lately, one of the many local comic cons skipped a hotel, and was held in a high school. I know of another comic con in the city of Kitchener, not far from Toronto, held every year in Kitchener’s City Hall. Inexpensive function space helps so much; where I am, the term ‘inexpensive function space’ is an oxymoron.

My loc…it’s never too late for second breakfast. We’ve been to one convention lately (as vendors) where we heard two fans say, “What’s a con suite?” I was amazed…most of us know what they are, convention-sponsored function space in a large suite where you can relax a bit, chat with friends, and have a little refreshment. The human contact will never go away at a convention…I hope.

I am about done…getting over a very bad cold, and still job hunting. I have an interview on Friday. I am so tired of job hunting, so I hope this is a good job I am going for. In the meantime, thank you for this issue, and see you with the next one.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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