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Loc on Ansible 354 & 355 (Dave Langford, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
February 17th, 2017
12:43 pm


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Loc on Ansible 354 & 355 (Dave Langford, ed.)
Dear David:

I am attempting to get back into regular correspondence with you and Ansible, and I now I have two full issues, 354 and 355, plus 355½, so time to get with it.

354…Mention of Robert Sawyer here reminds me that not long after his own Order of Canada ceremony, he is now the winner of the 2017 Robert A. Heinlein Medal. Response here, for the most part, is largely positive, but otherwise muted.

The RIP list looms larger in every issue. Carrie Fisher’s passing was the shock for us, but at least Disney/Lucanfilm says she won’t become CGIed into a future movie, the way Peter Cushing was in the recent Rogue One. Which we haven’t seen yet, and probably won’t. Truncate the obits? No. That monthly long list is depressing, but I’d rather know than not, and be surprised later.

More reminders that I must nominate for the FAAn Awards, and vote for TAFF. Difficult to remember, and always so easy to forget.

355…A truly Orwellian administration in Washington. It has been a very long four weeks. We may have a convention to go to in Detroit, but right now, even Canadians trying to cross the border may be subject to seizure of cell phones and tablets, and passwords demanded to search personal social media for comments against the Trump administration. There is also the threat of strip searching. In some cases, Orwellian isn’t enough description.

That list! That horrible list… The only time we had met Annemarie van Ewijck was in Den Haag for the Worldcon in 1990. Lovely lady, and all on the committee were pleased to see two wandering Canadians show up at the Congresgebouw doors. I miss those times.

355½…My condolences to you, David, and to all British fandom who saw Peter Weston as one of its brightest lights. He was one of the many I wanted to meet, but never did. I think Peter was a little bemused when this Canadian loccer wanted to see his fanzines, but he did send them, paper and then electronically, and I tried to be a faithful correspondent. I wish I could say more, but I can’t.

Not much of a loc this time around, but I will try again in a couple of months. See you then.

Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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