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Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Lloyd Penney" journal:

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September 19th, 2018
03:57 pm


Loc on Random Jottings 14 (Michael Dobson, ed.)
Dear Michael:

Thank you for Random Jottings 14, otherwise known as Corflu 36’s PR2. Something 48 pages long has GOT to have something in it to write a loca about? You’d think? Well? Guess I’ll find out.

Well, Corflu 36 is looking good, and it looks like you’re getting lots of members, saw something from Bill Burns on e-mail earlier today. Looks like you’re heavy on the organization, and I hope you can find someone for all the positions on the committee. You’re looking for attending interest? Some here, but guaranteed there will not be any money available for me to go. I still cannot find work in Toronto, so cash is a rarity right now. I will say a firm no right now, so that I am not tempted to spend money I don’t have. (Well, if I can scrape up a few bucks, perhaps a supporting membership, but no promises.)

A huge quiz, which was at the Toronto Corflu…I didn’t even try. I went home both Friday and Saturday nights at Corflu 35. You know, I’ve been to three of these now…perhaps it’s just not for me.

Anyway…lately, we’ve become horrible hucksters, selling costume jewelry and Hawaiian shirts, and we’ve been doing more of it, and we’re making a nice buck. Perhaps we need more of that.

But by all means, keep the PRs coming out, and I promise a loc each time. We will see you with the next one.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 18th, 2018
03:13 pm


Loc on Lofgeornost 132 (Fred Lerner, ed.)
Dear Fred:

Thank you for a copy of Lofgeornost 132. Not many pages, but I can still usually get a page or so out of each issue. Let’s see how I do this time.

Looks like you have enjoyed England yet again. We now have plans to return to England, too. We are frantically saving what we can, so we have plans for London, Bath, Stonehenge, Liverpool, York and Lincoln, and we will be gone for three weeks. Right now, Yvonne is investigating a relatively new airline called Primera, and according to her researches, they fly from Toronto to Stansted. We’ll see what they offer, and see if they will be around by the time we leave, which is currently planned for late May to mid-June. I will turn 60 in London, and we plan to be there from late May to mid-June.

Terry’s Chocolate Oranges are no longer made in York? That will be a shame for so many people, but it may be a disaster when the Brexit happens, and the European-made Terry’s products may not be shipped into the country of their origin. (By the way, close to where we live is an eastern European grocery store, where many chocolates from Eastern Europe are sold. Polish chocolate is wonderful.)

The National Railway Museum is in York? We shall add that to our list. We’ve seen so many programmes on the history of rail in Britain, so going there should be almost mandatory for us.

Anne with an E starts up again on the CBC for a second season soon. Same goes for The Great Canadian Baking Show, Murdoch Mysteries and Frankie Drake Mysteries. I admit that the CBC is making some very watchable shows these days. They are feeding the hunger for more Anne Shirley stories, and as you say, the setting is now old enough that fan fiction may be the only way to let it appeal to a modern audience.

My letter…I suspect that I have eaten horsemeat, but was unaware of it. Some foods contain more than we suspect, or can glean from the packaging. Yvonne, while retired, decided she wanted more work to help finance the afore-mentioned trip to England, so she is working at the Woodbine racetrack and casino north of where we live, in their accounting department. She toured the casino area last week, and today, she got to see some horses out exercising, getting ready for races.

As had Greg Benford, I have heard of the idea of splitting California into three states, which would effectively get rid of any power California as a whole could have over the rest of the US. As usual, there is political motives behind this, none of them all that savory, so I hope the proposition is voted down.

Heartfelt greetings to Bjo Trimble! It has been a very long time since we worked on the ’84 Worldcon, and at the Worldcon where we helped to feed the masses with Trek anniversary cake. You and John and much missed; there’s too much geography in the way.

And, I have met the end of the page! Well done, me. Many thanks for this issue, and it looks like I have caught up. See you again shortly.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 17th, 2018
12:13 pm


Loc on The White Notebooks 13 (Pete Young, ed.)
Dear Pete:

Hello!, and many thanks for this latest issue of The White Notebooks, no. 13. I seem to recall some of Gerald Kersh’s work in anthologies, and in checking my bookshelves, I see a collection of his stories, called Men Without Bones.

This anthology was published by Paperback Library of New York, and was branded a Silver Edition. This book was the first edition, dated January, 1962. The stories inside…Men Without Bones, The Shady Life of Annibal, The Ape and the Mystery, The Oxoxoco Bottle, Thicker Than Water, The Madwoman, The Terrible Ride of Colonel Tessier, The Dancing Doll, The Hack, Ladies or Clothes, In a Room Without Walls, Clock Without Hands, and The Epistle of Simple Simon. It looks like some of these stories were published in the Saturday Evening Post, Esquire, Collier’s and Tomorrow. The inside of the book also mentions novels called Fowler’s End and The Secret Masters. I hope this helps, and let me know if you need more. ( I see that some of the stories were originally published under other titles.)

My loc on issue 11… The Timothy’s store down the street from me did indeed shut down, as did the other stores in that building, and as I might have guessed, because they are everywhere, a Starbucks has gone in its place. It opened for business this past Saturday. The mystery shopper company let me go because of reduced work, but also because I was financed for this through a government programme, and once it was ended, I was gotten rid of.

And on issue 12… I haven’t had those dreams of the farmers’ fields lately. The new premier of the province is quite Trump-like in his policies, and seems to be looking for revenge on not becoming the mayor of Toronto last election cycle. He’s another in the rule of the incompetents. Did you get a chance to stay at the Georgian House in Belgravia? We have changed our timeframe for our trip to England; we plan to lave in late May, just after our anniversary, and we will stay until mid-June. I will turn 60 in London.

Anthologies were the first SF books I read, but Yvonne’s first SF book read was Clarke’s Childhood’s End. I wish there was enough time to read all of these books again, but to honest, I rarely read these days. I am often busy making costume jewelry, and Yvonne is making shirts. I am also making some plans for retirement…I am still just over five years away from that.

Anyway, it is time to get some lunch in me, so off this goes to you. There is still a lot to do today before heading off to a fannish pubnite this evening. Take care, and see you with issue 14.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 16th, 2018
04:16 pm


Loc on Bunyip & Āyōtōchtli 14 & 15 (Bob Hole, ed.)
Dear Bob:

I have two issues of Bunyip and āyōtōchtli, nos. 14 and 15, and comments are coming almost immediately, after this paragraph.

14… Worldcons are but fond memories, and I have to admit that after my last one, the Hugo winners are largely unknown to me. Even the fan awards, with a few exceptions, I do not know who the nominees and winners are.

A Worldcon review from Forry…I am getting a little nostalgic here. I certainly wasn’t at the 14th Worldcon, Newyorcon, but I do have progress reports and programme books from that era. It didn’t take long for the Worldcon to assemble large numbers of fans, writers, readers, artists, etc. There’s proof that costumes were a major part of the Worldcon even back then.

Movie reviews… I sincerely agree with you re the movie Hidden Figures. This movie deserved more than the accolades it got, and we all discovered just how important these black ladies were to the space programme. It is heartening to see that Katherine Johnson finally got the recognition she richly deserved; I wish her peers had gotten the same. And I will happily agree with you on Murdoch Mysteries. This is a great show, one we really enjoy, especially because it is set in Toronto. The steampunk vibe you are getting is most definitely intended. Yvonne appeared in two episodes in a walk-on role near the end of Season 6, and Season 12 is schedule to start showing on CBC Television in about a week. There is drama, comedy, some horror…this show will not be pigeonholed, and there is a good portion of history injected into the scripts. If the script called for something that happened at the corner of Dunas and Parliament, well, I can go to that street corner, for it does exist.

15… Ah, there’s my loc! I guess it didn’t arrive in time for issue 14. Seeing it is mid-September (beware the Ideas of September!), you are probably working on issue 16 now.

I think I have read this Vonnegut story before. The lifespan is large and the population is small. I suspect we can sculpt ourselves so we can look as we wish, but yet, when there is no challenge to life, death begins to beckon, and some will embrace it, just for something different. The story does remind me of Logan’s Run. It’s a steep method of keeping the population steady.

I am pleased to say that a few nights ago, I attended the launch of the first issue of the revived Amazing Stories. It was launched at the San Jose Worldcon, but it had its official Canadian launch, seeing there’s a number of people connected with it who are Canadian, especially some of the authors and artists, and the editor-in-chief, Ira Nayman. I am hopeful that this magazine will continue in this day and age; I have offered my own services to the editorial board, and with some luck, I might get to work on it.

Anyway, I think I am done for the moment. Getting caught up am I… I hope to see your next issue soon.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 14th, 2018
10:52 am


Loc on Skyliner 3 (Alan White, ed.)
Dear Alan:

It sometimes takes a while, but I do get to respond to just about any fanzine anyone cares to send to me. I figure that you worked hard enough on the issue, you deserve at least some feedback. I wish more did that, but that’s my job right now, on issue 3 of Skyliner.

Oooh, nice artwork, all the way through. You sure do have some fun with this. And not much appreciation, hm? Fandom has become more in the way of consumers than creators, but I think a lot of that is because of advancing age, and no one coming along behind us to pick up the sputtering torch. Will the last person leaving Fandom turn off the light…

Waybackwhen, zines came out, and yes, I recall the bloody war between xero and mimeo, and you had to use twiltone to get the best faaaanish response. I realized that I was not a member of FANZINES: The Definitive Facebook Group. Let’s see if they let me in. We live in a litigious age, with the new Republican/Christian prudery, and the arrogant assumption that we know what’s best for you. Maybe that’s why fandom isn’t approving of your zines, but then, newer fan groups aren’t doing fanzines; they’re barely doing blogs.

I didn’t know that about World Horror, that it was last held in 2016. I remember when it was here in Toronto in 2007, but with some of the people connected with it, they were careful with their advertising, as in don’t let local fans know about it, and it came and went with very little fanfare, as if that’s the way they wanted it.

By the way, a couple of nights ago was the Canadian launch of the newest paper incarnation of Amazing Stories. The editor is local fan and writer Ira Nayman, and there’s some noticeable Canadian content in that. I might get the chance to be a proofreader or copy editor for the magazine, so we will see what happens.

It looks like you are trying the horrible drink stuff, just to see if it’s as bad as it looks. Being a former resident of British Columbia, I got the taste for hard apple cider, and in Ontario besides the myriad microbreweries, there are micro distilleries and micro cideries. I am finding that ciders taste better when the alcohol content is 4.5% or lower.

Getting nostalgic, are you? Much of fandom for me is going back the waybackwhen I mentioned earlier. In Toronto fandom barely exists. I produce a conlist to mail out to others in an effort to keep the old community together, but for the most part, it’s barely working. There’s a few fan-runs left, but for the most part, it’s the pro-run cons that bring in the tens of thousands with obscure actors. Even someone like Forry, one of the most positive fans ever, had negative words for fandom. Fandom has become passive consumers, and perhaps they always were. I never knew that Forry was in tight straits financially, but then, when it comes to Fandom As A Whole, I have always been kinda isolated up here.

I always see what’s happening at Burning Man every year, and often it’s put on local TV to give people a look at what’s happening in the insane asylum to the south. I look at BM, and think, I don’t think I ever wanted to go, and I know that we certainly can’t now. The weirdest event I’ve ever attended was a couple of years ago, when we went to Lincoln, England, for the annual Asylum Steampunk Festival, where we were but two of thousands, and all in costumes. I know there’s a lot of steampunk at Burning Man, but in Lincoln, there was a great hotel room to come home to at the end of the day…

Poestal…he’s just a Poe boy, from a Poe family… I used to look for similar stuff (bills, stamps, etc.) for Nikola Tesla. I gather no one’s leaving anything for EAP at his Baltimore gravesite any more.

In less than a month, cannabis becomes legal in Canada! I know there’s some states where it is legal, not sure if Nevada is one of them, but we are getting the warnings here from various stick-up-the-ass American border officials that if you have ever smoked up, or you work in the industry, or even invest in cannabis start-ups or stocks, you will probably be banned from entry to the US for life.

Ah, more people in the locol! Good to see. Even seeing this is making me nostalgic. Ick, we’re quaint? Say it isn’t so! If the kiddies don’t to play with our fanzine toys, then let’s us do it, and take our toys with us when we are done, in more ways than one. I can only hope that someone might look back at all that we did, perhaps study it, and preserve it for a library or two. Or maybe they’ll just look back, say “Huh?”, and carry on as they were.

Take care, good sir…it is Friday!, so I hope you have a stellar weekend planned. We’re going thrifting, looking at all the local used clothing shops for interesting costume pieces. We shall see you with your fourth issue!

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 13th, 2018
04:31 pm


Loc on OSFS Statement 473 (Grant Duff, ed.)
Dear OSFen:

Thank you all for issue 473 of the Statement. Looks like the Perseid meteor shower has come and gone, but with the weather we’ve had here, it probably wasn’t visible from here. I shall go past the first page, and see what IS visible.

Last night, as I type, I attended the official Canadian launch of the first issue of the newest incarnation of Amazing Stories. It has existed in website form for some years now, but for the first time since 2005, it is now once again a paper magazine. The editor-in-chief is Toronto fan and writer Ira Nayman, and the evening was great fun, with lots of networking. I expressed interest in working on future issues, and may have my chance. Check out www.amazingstoriesmag.com for more information.

My loc… To go with the theme of shows we have vended at, this past weekend was the Waterloo Central Railway’s Magical Wizards Festival, held at the WCR’s main depot in the village of St. Jacobs, Ontario. We did amazingly well for a two-day event, even with cold and windy days, which resulted in dust storms most of the time. At the end of September, we will be in a not-so-dusty locale, near Colborne Lodge in the south end of High Park in Toronto.

I will send yet another list with this loc…I had the time to do some more research. If there are any omissions or errors, please let me know asap.

I hope the list I supply is helpful for everyone even slightly close to Highway 401 or Autoroute 20, for that’s my qualification for inclusion in the list, pretty well everything that’s a day’s drive from Toronto. I think I am done here (well, the zine is done, anyway), so off this goes with a fresh list. See you next issue.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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04:06 pm


Loc on Warp 101 (Cathy Palmer-Lister, ed.)
Dear MonSFFen:

Thank you all for Warp 101, and I see Fandom: The Next Generation on the cover. Good to see. I will make some comments.

My loc… Well, it’s been some time since March, and a lot has happened. We’ve been to a number of conventions and craft shows, selling our goods, like Anime North, and our most recent table, the Waterloo Central Railway’s Magical Wizards Festival. (It’s interesting to see how many Harry Potter events there’s been over the past couple of years…I guess the kids who grew up on Harry Potter are all young adults, with lots of disposable income…) We have a few more shows to go to before the end of the year. I am on the job hunt yet again…I was working where I was with lots of financial support from the government. As soon as the funding ran out, suddenly, my supply of work ran out, and I was eventually let go. Help, me, 6/49!

At the end of this letter, I will attach my latest convention list. Cathy, let me know if I am missing anything from your way, or if there is something incorrect.

A great Worldcon report from Sylvain. It is good to see that Worldcons still attract large numbers of people, and that there’s a lot to do there. I miss that about conventions. For me, too many cons seem to need you as passive audience members, and people to spend money at, nothing more.

Keith, I agree with you completely. Comic cons, and other big commercial pop culture events are too crowded, impersonal and very expensive. That’s why we don’t go to DragonCon, or Fan eXpo, or San Diego, or anything enormous like that. The only reason we did attend one of the big Toronto Comic Cons a couple of years ago was for Yvonne to meet Jason Isaacs, seeing she’s a big Harry Potter fan.

Take care, all, hope it was a great summer, and the fall should be just as much fun.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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11:14 am


Loc on Archive 1 (Arthur Hlavaty, ed.)
Dear Arthur:

Thanks for Archive 1, and here comes the usual loc, even though I might have seen some of your writings before. I will see what’s old and new for me.

I am sure I have Palmer Eldritch on my shelf somewhere. I still remember hearing that Phil Dick had thought to become a Canadian citizen. If he had done that and was still alive, I’d like to know what he thought of the impending legalization of cannabis in Canada. I went looking for Barrington J. Bayley on my bookshelves, and all I could find was The Zen Gun, published by DAW Books.

I liked Umberto Eco’s writing, but I suspect his books went away in our previous weeding of the collection, unfortunately. Randall Garrett and Keith Laumer, I just couldn’t get into, in spite of so many of my peers in local 80s fandom loving their work. I have tried to assemble as many Cyril Kornbluth books together as I could, seeing how much I liked his writings. The Pohl and Kornbluth combination was even better.

What can you say about SilverBob? I have seen his latest writing, an introduction to the first issue of the newest incarnation of Amazing Stories, edited by Ira Nayman. I attended the official Canadian launch of the magazine last night at the Merril Collection in Toronto, and the magazine looks promising. I hope it will become a regular market, and a reminder of those Old Days.

I had never heard of James Arpad Michaels, so your disclaimer at the end of the zine is a reassurance that my memory isn’t worse than it already is.

Time for me to go. The job hunt continues apace, and I hope to have something by the end of the month. If not, Christmas is going to look a little bleak. Take care, and please do keep the zines coming my way.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 12th, 2018
11:12 am


Loc on The Zine Dump 44 (Guy H. Lillian III, ed.)
Dear Guy:

I’ve got another Guyzine to work on here, namely The Zine Dump 44. I hope to find some comment hooks to hang onto, so let’s give it a try. I am salowly catching up with all the zines in my IN box on the desktop.

We keep losing our friends as time marches on, and Shelby Vick is but one of the many. We need to improve our health so we won’t soon be joining that number. I did attend Corflu 35, only because I live in Toronto. Even with that, I was still feeling on the outside looking in. I always feel that way, I guess. I finished a healthy fourth for the Warner award, so I am pleased. I doubt I will ever get to another Corflu, but I hope I am wrong.

I hope you enjoyed San Jose…we are saving our shekels, not for a Worldcon, but for a return trip to London in 2019. I know the Worldcon will be in Dublin, but we will be in England in late May to mid-June. I will turn 60 in London, and we will celebrate there, thanks to my sweet Yvonne, who somehow cares about me, don’t know why.

As I write, CounterClock 33 has arrived in my IN box, so I must get with it to respond to this great zine in decent time. I wish I had more time to respond to zines, but we are quite busy as vendors now, selling steampunk jewelry and Yvonne’s Hawaiian-style shirts. I do have Chris Garcia’s e-mail address, but I do notice that as in many zines these days, there’s no contact address, and no locol.

I am finding that for today’s fandom, there is little room for fans. Our national awards are typical…the fan Auroras now go to those who work with the pros on their websites, or produce websites to promote the pros, or pros who run the literary conventions. I remember getting the SFC Bulletin, and I hope to get it again, and letters are promised.

This very evening, I will be attending the Canadian launch of Amazing Stories at the Merril Collection on College St. The evening will be hosted by editor-in-chief Ira Nayman, and there should a lot of familiar faces there. I hope I will be welcomed.

Anyway, time to go and get this to you. Keep the issues coming, and I will continue to trim down the stack of e-zines waiting for me.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 11th, 2018
06:48 pm


Loc on NASFA Shuttle Vol. 38 Nos. 7 - 9 (Mike Kennedy, ed.)
Dear NASFen:

As today is a most solemn day, I did receive the September Shuttle, and it reminded me that I have the July and August Shuttles as well to respond to. I thought I might as well get it done now, so here it comes.

July… I hope your summer hasn’t been too hot. We’ve had the hottest season in a few years. In many ways, I am glad to see that more of the world is staging the Worldcon, with Dublin in 2019 and New Zealand unopposed in 2020. But, it does mean that many fans, including me, will be able to afford to go.

I got the word about the CUFF revival a while ago, so I hope there will be a kind of vote or competition for it this year. I have yet to hear anything about any winner. After that comes the usual string of awards that makes the field still interesting for me.

My loc… We are still working on planning our trip to Britain in 2019, and it looks like it will stretch to three weeks. At first, Nic Farey said he would be in charge of the voting for next year’s FAAn Awards, but now, it has been revealed that he will not.

August… We did not go to the San Jose Worldcon, but we’ve had a number of local events to attend and vend at, so we certainly haven’t been staying home. I guess the huge number of awards around this coincides with the number of big conventions, like Worldcon, SDCC and DragonCon. At least I know some of the names in the Sunburst Award nominations. Unfortunately, fans and readers have no input into those awards, as they are given out by a panel of judges.

September… I have offered to be a nominator for an upcoming TAFF race, but so far, no takers. I have had a look at Johan Anglemark’s trip blog…yes, he was in Toronto, but we were not invited to the party.

And even more awards. This time around, I know some of the Pegasus Award nominations, seeing we worked in running the con suite with the local filk convention, FilKONtario. I should do something about the project on fanac.org. Yvonne and I have been in fandom for 40 years each.

The locol… Sheryl, I hope you’ve enjoyed binging on Murdoch Mysteries. In a couple of weeks, we will get to see the beginnings of Season 12 of Murdoch, and it should look most interesting. And, thank you for birthday and anniversary wishes! Quite the extensive report on the business raised in San Jose… I hope it all makes a difference. It’s good to see a report from the Montreal Worldcon. It all makes me wonder if there will ever be a Canadian Worldcon again.

Anyway, time to go, and get this to you. I’ve got dinner on the go, and Yvonne should be home soon from work. Take care, and I will try not to let things go so long the next time.

                                                                                              Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 7th, 2018
02:18 pm


Loc on The Obdurate Eye 1 (Garth Spencer, ed.)
Dear Garth:

Another new title, and I like this one a lot. I shall be obdurate myself, and go for it for a letter of comment. It’s just shy of the weekend, so let’s go for it.

If that’s the Walking Dead on a tricycle, howcum it still has all its fingers, toes and limbs? If it’s calling “BRAINSSSSS!”, perhaps it’s in dire need of brains for itself. How do I get off this thing, anyway?

I see you’ve got a cat to keep you company, good choice. Yvonne and I have never had a cat ourselves, but we have certainly enjoyed their company over the years. ChatChat, Tiffany, MomCat, plus two black cats that visited with us one Hallowe’en. Looks like Yvette will have her own stories to tell, as will you.

R. Graeme Cameron is getting a fresh start, which I hope will allow his to live with some dignity. He dropped all of his fanzines, but publishing a semi-pro SF magazine seems to be a better fit for him, and I get to catch up on all the fanzines I do have.

One of these years, we do plan to return to Vancouver, and perhaps take the con up on a free membership, seeing we’ve been past guests. I can’t really comment on the Aurora Awards…I left the award committee some time ago, feeling that I simply didn’t have the time to do what they wanted from me, and that was be their historian. My attempts to find some decent employment are taking up a lot of time, as is our steampunk jewelry business. I know I pestered you for information on the CSFFAs and Caspers, and who won what in what year, and who the nominees were.

I am spending less time with local fandom, especially because there isn’t much local fandom left. There’s the group that runs SFContario and the First Thursday pubnight, and we help with the Third Monday pubnight…there’s the anime group that runs Anime North…and many people have simply drifted away, and some got married and had kids, etc. And in many ways, fandom and SF have marched on, leaving us to find other interests. The local steampunks can be fun, and our fellow vendors can be fun, too.

We all need more gorm, and I certainly need more. Perhaps it’s just age, and the fact my next birthday will be my 60th, but the one thing that helps me live these days is making a list. My memory is bad enough as it is, but the list I make also has an area to write things done, and then make an updated list. Less time and brainpower spent trying to remember everything, and more time and brainpower spent getting it all done. Everyone needs a method.

Too much of my time is spent on Facebook these days, and both Yvonne and I will admit. And, I need to cut down. Yvonne admits that much of what we do enjoy these days I found on FB, but sometimes, I am on for hours. If there any way for a grown man to waste his time, I guess it’s FB. For me, for many years, it used to be BBSs.

A great bio of John, and it will be interesting to see how much of it he agrees with. I understand more of John’s running of his comics shop, seeing I have taken all of my years of running dealers’ room to become a dealer myself. I certainly agree with assembling all the ideas behind conrunning, and coming up this fall is the third edition of Fan Events Forum out at the airport strip, and we will definitely be there. Conrunning also changes with the current laws, the expectations of the group you are trying to attract, and what you can provide for the money, and of course, all of that changes with time. Also, advertising and marketing has changed…paper flyers are for the most part gone, replaced by interactive social media pages and postcards. Why decide which is best, when doing it all will get you in front of every audience.

Canadians don’t travel…I don’t think it not wanting to travel, but not being able to afford it. The closest cities to me are Buffalo, Rochester, Detroit, Ottawa and Montreal. The order these cities are in shows you one thing, that major Canadian cities are fairly far apart. We can’t exactly get in the car and hope to be in Winnipeg by nightfall. Also, I was on the Ad Astra committee in 1990, and we kept trying to advertise and grow larger. We did it by distributing flyers and sending packages of flyers to other cons. (Who notices that today, most conventions no longer have flyer/freebie tables, but demand that if you want your flyers distributed, you take a table in the hallway to do so?)

Perhaps five or six years ago, I floated the idea of a national newszine, but the resulting flow of abuse for the idea that someone from Toronto might want to edit it, got me out of that ide quite quickly. Perhaps that may have been when fandom ceased to be national, and started being regional only.

Did you get my previous loc? I guess I end up in so many spamtraps. If you’d like that previous loc, let me know.

Fanzine reviews? Bring them on. I will see how many of them I get. Until then… Thanks for this issue, and see you when the next one comes around.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 6th, 2018
03:39 pm


Loc on Spartacus 27 (Guy H. Lillian III, ed.)
Dear Guy:

It’s a big catch-up again for me. I have here Spartacus 27, the July issue, and I have some comments on this issue. I will see what I can say.

The passing of Harlan… I never met him, so it is easy to fall back on reports of others, and I was in the audience when he groped Connie Willis. Still, not having met him, I shouldn’t have any personal opinions, good or bad. I will say that all of his writing I got to read, all of it was an adventure. I should probably end it there, and listen to others who knew him far better.

Some have told me to mind my own damned business when it comes to Trump and his particular brand of insanity. Seeing where I live, however, and seeing the Trump regime’s negotiations with Canada and Mexico re the North American Free Trade Agreement, it IS my damned business. The negotiators have decided that American must have full access to our dairy industry (which is quite fragile), and also full access to our cultural industries like broadcasting, entertainment and publishing. The answer to both is a firm no. Our culture defines us as Canadians; who knows who would invade and buy up everything in sight, we’d be but ersatz Americans, and no offence, but I like being Canadian, and I’d like to stay that way. The fact that Trump was specifically not invited to the funerals of John McCain and Aretha Franklin should say volumes, but as always, he is deaf to it all, although the current Bob Woodward book may improve his hearing just a little. I hear the 25th Amendment being brought up here and there, but that is wishful thinking.  I hate to say it, but I think only a well-placed bullet may be the solution the world needs. I trust you are following the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court hearings, and if he is approved, current Republican policy may stick to the US and the world for decades to come.

I have seen Citizen Kane but once…after reading what your students have to say about the movie, perhaps I should see it again with fresh appreciation.

The locol…the looting of the USA is already underway, with the GOP getting their hands on the trillions of dollars set aside for your retirement. The INCEL movement has struck up here, with one of them using his panel van truck to run down pedestrians on a north Toronto sidewalk. Did you get my loc for issue 26? I checked, and it was dated July 20.

I will fold, and say thank you. It looks like Yvonne and I going to have some major changes to go through in the near future, such as massive decluttering, and the possibility of moving to a cheaper apartment. We will see what happens in the near future, and see if life is good to us. Thanks for this issue, and I look forward to the next. I also have the latest The Zine Dump to respond to, so that should come shortly. See you then.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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02:23 pm


Loc on The Reluctant Famulus 123 (Thomas Sadler, ed.)
Dear Tom:

Many thanks for issue 122 of The Reluctant Famulus. I know this is very late, based on the date of the issue itself, but better late than never. Here goes with some comments.

Washington is one of the world’s biggest circuses, and the government is the exact opposite of the one it succeeded. What a madhouse…the vast majority of Americans must be wondering what’s going on. Before anyone can tell me to mind my own business, the current trade discussions with all the North American countries, and the demand for American entry into our cultural industries makes it my business. There must be many who are missing the relative quiet and friendly efficiency of the Obama administration.

I admit there isn’t much in the Caribbean that would attract me to go down and visit. I am not the type that would like lying on a beach all day. With that in mind, Yvonne and I are planning a return trip to London late May to mid-June 2019, where we will have lots to do, and have some fun.

Great pulp covers throughout! A true blast from the past, and the reminder that Amazing Stories has been revived yet again, and the first issue looks fantastic. The Oz covers are great, too. Recently, I saw how many Oz books there are, and they are still being written and produced. Oz has become its own genre, a blank slate where fantastic adventures can take place.

The locol…I have always appreciated the dry British wit, which can tell you where to go, and wish a happy voyage. Retirement…Yvonne is happily retired, and yet… She has taken a short-term job with a casino just to the north of us, and she was told the job would be four months long, which would help to finance the aforementioned return trip to London. That changed to 4-6 months, and today, it looks like the job is hers full-time, for as long as she wants it, and three weeks off to go to London is just fine. The situation with the casino gets a little stranger every day, but at least what she can do is in demand, which is more than I can say for myself…the resume stream out every day.

My loc…the new premiere Ford has indeed done many thinks to save money and hurt the people of the province, but he is spending a lot of his time being sued by the groups and people he’s hurt. Also, Elon Musk sued the province for one of Ford’s sudden policies, and the government has been forced to backtrack. We are governed by the ignorant, and I can only imagine who is advising Ford and his cronies as far as legalities go. The interview with the major account9ing form went nowhere.

Considering words…it’s good to have an extensive vocabulary, but there are some words you would never use. I’d say that the word ‘otiose’ is rather otiose in itself. (Hey, spellchecker likes the word.)

This coming weekend, Yvonne and I will be vending at a magical festival down the highway in St. Jacobs, Ontario, so we will be very busy soon. Take care, thank you for this issue, and please do send the next.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 5th, 2018
12:03 pm


Loc on Chrononaut Chronicles 3 (Sabrina Pullen, ed.)
Dear Ms. Pullen:

It is indeed a pleasure to find a new steampunk publication! I remember such publications like the Gatehouse Gazette and Steampunk Magazine well, and they have mostly gone. Good to see one’s come back! I have the third issue of Chrononaut Chronicles, and I will try to provide some commentary.

I intend this letter as a letter to the editor, and I hope you will have a section in your fourth issue. I do this for many science fiction publications, and I have done so for longer than I care to divulge. I hope this is something you might like to see.

Greetings to Stephen Beale! I have been on your site a couple of times, and there is valuable information there for me. There seem to be many steampunk societies out there, and most of them seem to be Facebook pages, rather than formal clubs. Myself, I am a member of the Toronto Steampunk Society, plus many such societies around Ontario, and national Canadian clubs, as well. I would be interested to find out if anyone who may read this publication had gone to Lincoln, UK for the annual Asylum Steampunk Festival. My wife Yvonne and I had gone there two years earlier; wonderful steamy fun.

The demand for teacup holsters is out there, and I have seen some interesting designs. The undercorset belt seems to be a variation of a chatelaine, a ladies’ version of the modern Swiss Army knife, especially for tools for sewing and kitchen work.

There are some friends in these pages, namely Christopher MacRaven, otherwise known as Professor Phineas Tl. Ravenscroft, from the Durham Region of Ontario, east of Toronto, who was quite the hit at the annual Coldwater Steampunk Festival in Central Ontario in August. Plus, there is Steven Thorne, who is currently working on a craft beer/steampunk event called The Beer-Lesque and Carniv-Ale Show. We were not able to attend it last year, but we are hopeful to not only attend, but also vend at the 2019 version. I quite agree with Steven about great festivals in Coldwater and Niagara-on-the-Lake, but I am sorry to report that the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition in Niagara has been postponed from its usual weekend, which was to be the 21st to 23rd of this month. We hope the GCSE will return soon.

Vend, you say? Yes, I am a steampunk vendor, creator and provider of inexpensive steampunk jewelry for the masses, plus anything else we can get our hands on. We are Penney’s Steampunk General Store on Facebook, and in fact, we will be vending at a Wizarding World event in St. Jacobs, Ontario this coming weekend.

Yes, quite an enjoyable publication, and there was a lot to see and enjoy. I would very like to do that again!, so once your fourth edition is available, I would very much like to see it, and if you like, I shall comment on it, just as I have done here. Many thanks for all your hard work on getting this created, and see you with the next one.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 4th, 2018
04:35 pm


Loc on Askew 25 (John Purcell, ed.)
Dear John:

Back I come with another loc. As I tackle the pile of e-zines, Askew 25 comes up, and I shall give it a fast commentary. Let’s see what there is to say.

I look forward to Johan Anglemark’s trip report. Well, any trip where you can go to a con you’ve never been before, guaranteed, should be a good time. I have been on his trip blog, and it looks like he’s made his mark with a lot of people. (DNQ, DNP… I am not sure if I told you in a previous loc, but it would have been great to meet Johan in Toronto, but we were not invited to meet with Johan at Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz’s home. I shouldn’t be too surprised. Their organizational abilities are rat her lacking, shall we say, and I gather only a handful of local fans were suddenly invited at the last minute.)

We are always losing fans and pros who have made our hobby one to stay in for the long haul. ShelVy, Steve and Harlan certainly qualify. More and more, I do not recognize the names who manage SF today, and soon, I shall know none at all. I had met ShelVy some years ago at a Corflu, but had never met either Steve or Harlan. Of Harlan, I will say that I read and enjoyed anything of his I’ve read.

My loc… CUFF may yet make a comeback, for some have shown interest, and outstanding funds have arrived. The job hunt continues again, and I think I need to revise my resume one more time to put a little more into it. We have now revised our trip to London time period as leaving near the end of May, and returning late June, three weeks total. This also means that I will celebrate my 60th birthday in London, and I think that’s pretty cool. Yvonne’s membership in CAFTCAD meant that we helped with setting up a costume display from local projects, which meant I got to help with dressing some mannequins with costumes from Star Trek: Discovery.

Indeed, members of the N3F were urged to participate in the FAAn Awards voting, and they did, and they voted for zines and writers they knew. (I get a number of the zines, and the membership does get the zines, in one format or another.)

Well, Yvonne may be retired, but she is working at a casino just north of us in their accounting department, helping with their accounts payable functions. The money she is making here will go towards financing the trip to England. I just can’t seem to find anything for myself, but Yvonne, as a bilingual accounts payable clerk, is in demand. As I type, she will be leaving to come home soon.

All done, off it goes! Hope this has made it in time for the next issue, always my worry these days. See you when it arrives.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 3rd, 2018
07:02 pm


Loc on Opuntia 418 - 421 (Dale Spiers, ed.)
Dear Dale:

It’s the usual excuse, and the usual catch-up. I have four issues of Opuntia to comment on, 418, 419, 420 and 421, and I will try to fill the page.

418…and there is a typical Stampede breakfast. I imagine you could fill up on pancakes and sausages and maple until you burst. Oh, well, whatever gets the tourists in. As a steampunk vendor, I deal with a lot of people who stage the various events with as much tourist attraction as they can jam into it. Coincidentally, all the people I deal with are women, and they do a great job of staging the various events, and we’re happy to help out and publicize like crazy.

I certainly appreciate the Peruvian costumes. And, I am glad the Nigerian Association of Calgary felt enough of a part of things to produce their own float. That is a marvelous stagecoach on page 13.

The Weird West is a part of steampunk events, too. As you say, not an unnatural mix. There are some steampunk westerns, and the combination of familiar characters and unfamiliar settings can make for interesting reading. Mike Resnick has written a series of Weird West Tale novels. The first is The Buntline Special, published in 2010, followed by The Doctor and The Kid in 2011. Those are the two I have, and I have uncorrected advance reading copies of each of those. They were followed by The Doctor and The Rough Rider in 2012, and The Doctor and the Dinosaurs in 2013. All were originally published by Pyr Books.

My loc… After our success at Anime North, we had successful shows in Bradford, Mississauga and Coldwater, ON, and next weekend, we will be vending at a festival in St. Jacobs, ON. The other shows for the rest of the year are all local and semi-local. 2019 may prove to be one of our busiest years. Also, we recently discovered that the head office of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has moved to an office a short drive or bus ride away from me.

419…the Stampede continues. The Canadian National Exhibition wraps up today, and it usually has the newest and most ridiculous when it comes to food combinations. We haven’t been to the Ex in more than 25 years or so, and I can’t say I miss it. Looks like you got full value out of your SuperPass.

Belgian chocolate is good anywhere. There’s a Belgian chocolaterie not far from here. The local police have a paddock full of horses, and our mounted police are often seen on the street and at special events. We know enough to blow back when the horse blows breath at you (they are social animals), and they don’t like being petted on the nose. What few horses we see, we get along fine with them.

420… Sometimes, I think the seasons are shifting forward on the calendar, or perhaps they are just lengthening because of global warming/climate change. I remember cool Septembers in the past. Right now, as I type, it is 32°C and quite humid. The Elbow River looks great, a place I am sure some have retired to.

We’ve just had our Fan eXpo here, so we had our share of amazing costumes. We haven’t been there in close to 10 years, but friends on Facebook provide all kinds of photos to admire. For us, too busy, too crowded and as usual, too expensive.

Vancouver and Calgary have community radio stations…I sure wish Toronto did. However, the airwaves here are just too valuable to give it away to a community station. I was a journalism student at Ryerson, and such, I guess they decided that even with my applications, I just wasn’t good enough to get onto the local Ryerson radio station Just as well, I guess, the university lost its license and station some years ago.

There’s a ton of food trucks in Toronto, but because I don’t work downtown, I never see them. I gather there is now a food truck festival somewhere and sometime in this city; I am sure either Google or Facebook could tell me when and where.

421…As always, amazing mountain pictures. Looks like WWC was fun, but I guess I need more at my convention. I feel that I am encouraged to be a passive audience, and just another member of the buying public. I have looked into becoming a audiobook narrator, but few are willing to divulge any secrets.

Anyway… Yvonne and I are planning another trip to England for 2019, and it looks like we will be leaving around the end of May, and we plan to spend three weeks there. There’s so much to see. I am getting jewelry ready for a show coming up, so writing will take a pause while I finish my efforts. Thanks for those four issues, and I promise I will try to do better for future issues.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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September 1st, 2018
05:08 pm


Loc on Flag 21 (Andy Hooper, ed.)
Dear Andy:

Believe it or not, this is the third time I have tried to get to sit down and write a letter of comment to you on Flag 21. Very often, my time is not my own, and others commandeer it, and that gets tiring. I seem to have the time now, so seize it I will, and get some writing done.

I see you’re making many good efforts to spread the egoboo around for many people with long association with fanzine fandom, and I heartily applaud you and your team for your efforts. I did enjoy Corflu this year, mostly because it was in Toronto, but my current circumstances make it certain it will be a very long time before I get to another. Vicarious living will be it for me.

The idea of a tulpa universe in interesting, especially for a set of stories for Oz. In this day and age, perhaps there might have to be some form of canon to give that tulpa universe some direction, but that might hinder the popularity of the Oz stories, and push some fans away. It looks like Oz is a bit of a blank slate, waiting for things to happen there, and characters to make those things happen. That blank slate might deter or encourage others to join in to make their corner of an unlimited Oz their own.

You’ve had to dispose of two fanzine collections, and I find myself musing about my own collection. I can think of a few people here who might be interested, but they have their own collections to worry about. I have not many rarities, and I suspect that even if my collection is accepted by someone or some organization, a lot of what I have is going to be dumpstered. I had thought that with all the clubs who have graciously sent me copies of their clubzines over the years, I would offer the zines back to them, as long as postage isn’t overwhelming.

The idea of a fannish role-playing game does remind me of If I Ran the Zoo Con, which I believe was issued in time for the bidding for the 1989 Worldcon, Noreascon 3. Responding to all the publications from N3 was probably one of the most enjoyable times of letter writing I ever had. I would like to think that our correspondence made the Worldcon that year just a little bit better.

My loc… As said above, I did make it to Corflu this year, mostly because it was in Toronto. (I did not get stuck in the con suite this time, but each night, I went home to Yvonne for dinner.) I have had a little encouragement in attending more Corflus, but I seem to be perpetually unemployed and unemployable, and only a lottery win is going get me to where I might like to be. Yvonne, on the other hand, is technically retired, but has taken on an accounting job at a nearby casino to raise more funds for our return trip to England in 2019. How I lucked into marrying someone like her, I will never know. If it wasn’t for her, I suspect I’d be living in a shelter.

Dale Speirs’ loc… Indeed, fandom locally, at least the group that I knew, has pretty well dispersed, and we have moved on to steampunk fandom, which seems more creative, more accepting and friendlier. We can add to those friends the bother-and-sisterhood of being a local vendor, and we meet regularly at various shows, and trade ideas and information back and forth. I had ideas of a national news zine a long time ago, but open hostilities from clubzine editors made me shelve that idea.

Our weeding out of book collection has helped relieve some of the pressure on our book shelves, but I suspect we will need to weed yet again. The time may come, sooner than I’d like, where we may have to relieve ourselves of much of our SF collection, books, zines, etc.

The future of eFanzines.com…not in doubt right now, although some are right to muse about it. Perhaps this might make an informative essay from Bill Burns himself, to ease fears about its future. If nothing else, a page of links to issues is so handy, and Bill’s regular e-mails about new issues placed on the site has helped me be a busy locwriter for many years now.

Claire Brialey, I sometimes feel that my letters are rushed and inadequate, mostly because I am trying to juggle the time needed to read the zine, consider what to say, and then type it up, with time needed for the jobhunt, creating jewelry for our table, looking after the apartment while Yvonne is at work, and a dozen or more activities that pull at my available time. If I had my way, each issue would get individual attention, but because fanzines have piled up for me, I am forced to respond to two or more issues that have piled up in one loc, which IMHO is not fair to the faned who created the two or more issues. I guess I have to remind myself that we do what we can with the time we can devote, and just sally forth, and write what I can. There is usually some measure of appreciation.

Like most of us, I have many female friends, and I value their friendship, and enjoy their presence. A few hugs at a convention are always appreciated, and I hope they feel the same way. I have always tried to make sure I don’t treat them poorly, or any differently than other friends, and will try more to do so. I sincerely hope that I won’t do anything that merits the description of unacceptable behaviour. If I have, I cannot change what has happened, but would apologize, and take steps to ensure that I wouldn’t do it again. I can count on Yvonne to gently take me aside and chew me out if that was to happen.

The Rose Motel…glad to see so many enjoyed it, but I don’t think it made its way up to me. I would hope that more people would respond to such personal writing.

I think that I should fold it up, dinner will be ready shortly. But, before that, we are off on a walk around the neighbourhood. We’ve got to get some exercise. Thank you for this issue; I hope there’s something for you in this loc. See you with the next.

                                                                                              Yours, Lloyd Penney.


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August 31st, 2018
09:34 pm


Loc on Fadeaway 55 (Robert Jennings, ed.)
Dear Bob:

Hello! I am back again, and this time I have Fadeaway 55 to comment on. Catch up, etc., etc., yadda, yadda, yadda… I shall waste no further time, and I shall get on it.

Zine or e-zine…I will happily take either, but I certainly understand the faned finances. I figure the contents are much more important than the medium, so whatever you decide, I will take with thanks. It seems that there will never be enough dead students, or any other human beings, to merit any kind of control over guns. It may take the death of a son or daughter of an important politician to get anything like that going. I do not see anything happening unless the NRA is declared a terrorist organization. And the monster in the White House is never going to let anything like that happen. He’s too busy attacking at random, without sense or direction.

The fine art of Brad Foster. He deserves every silver rocket he’s received, and fanzines would be much thinner, and not nearly as much fun, as the thousands of illustrations he sprinkles around. He lives in Irving, Texas, which happens to be the home of Michaels Craft Stores. (I am in my local Michaels a lot.) I think Brad’s had to deal with the kind of stuff I’m dealing with in my never-ending job hunt. So many flimsy excuses, we’ll get back to you, we will make the decision soon, blah, blah, blah, and nothing ever happens. Brad worked with David Thayer/Teddy Harvia on the cover and artwork in our CUFF trip report many years ago. I hope Brad does get some work through the new Amazing Stories…the managing editor lives here in Toronto, Ira Nayman.

The locol…it would be great if somehow we could travel the stars, but our lifetime is limited, and we lose a lot of calcium in our bones when not in the gravity our species seems to need. I am not sure we can overcome that, and we are too busy killing one another these days to think about going out into even nearby space, never mind the foolishness of Trump’s Space Force.

Just out of curiosity…did you get my loc for issue 54? If you didn’t let me know, and I will send it along. I did reply in May. A great locol, but nothing more I can add.

Since writing all of the above, we’ve gone out, did the groceries, had dinner at IKEA (a passable butter chicken), did other shopping in three other places, struggled home, got the groceries put away, and basically fell over. We are pooped, and we have a busy day tomorrow as part of Labour Day. Anyway, I shall get this to you, and thank you for this issue. See you the next one.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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11:18 am


Loc on Askance 44 (John Purcell, ed.)
Dear John:

It is the end of the month, and for many, the end of the summer. There’s a big different between August 31 and September 1. I guess you are prepping for your new school year, and I have been at home, once again job hunting. If I had $5 for every resume I’ve sent out, I wouldn’t need to send out resumes. Anyway, I have Askance 44 here at the top of a big stack of zines, and I should get with it.

My own activities have kept me busy, and kept dementia away (I hope)…this summer has been spent making jewelry, finding new venues and markets to sell to, thinking of new products to make, travelling around our part of the province, and hoisting our various boxes, tables, gazebo tent, etc. So, I am kept mentally busy in the making process, and physically busy lifting and loading. (Call it the Twilight Zone years all you like, as long as our old friend Rod doesn’t show up…)

Yvonne is indeed retired, but…we have decided we want to return to England. I can’t contribute much, but Yvonne is set, so she has taken a job at a casino just to the north of us, and she will be working in their accounting department. A short-term assignment may turn out to be one of the busiest and most important jobs she’s ever had, and she is looking forward to it. The money she gets from this job will mostly go into the London in 2019 fund.

This aging thing…all the things we used to joke about, like getting enough fiber, getting to bed early, dressing warmly enough, drinking enough water, etc., well, they’re no jokes now. I have never smoked, Yvonne’s quit for a long time now, and we rarely drink, although a cold hard cider on a hot day has been very refreshing. I hope this will mean benefits and longer life along the way.

When we do go to England, we do hope to meet up with the local fanzine fans in the area, and go for a First Thursday pubnight. This summer, we met up with Londoners Jared and Marian Foley, who came to Toronto for a vacation, and met up with the local steampunks, including us. We hope to return the favour. And, there is so much we didn’t see the first time, and some things we’d like to see again.

The Ex Taral writes about is the Canadian National Exhibition, which is on right now, as I write. (I can hear jets streaking overhead; the airshow is getting ready for the weekend.) I am reading the article carefully, because it has probably been over 20 years since we’ve been at one. For us, there’s usually too many people, and not enough to attract us. I have been in the CNE grounds working on registration for various trade shows and conferences, so I know the Enercare Centre well. For the record, I haven’t had a Leafs sweater in a very long time.

IIRC, I placed fourth for Best Letterhack for the FAAn Awards, not bad. The N3F didn’t bloc vote per se, but they were encouraged to participate via their publications (of which I do get and respond to some), and the members did. And now, it’s our turn, to participate more.

My Tale from the Convention!...we still get the odd reminder of our Winnipeg and Montreal fanzine lounges, and there is still the odd scrap of egoboo to come from them. Our days of doing that are done, mostly because, I doubt there will ever be another Canadian Worldcon.

My loc…when we do return to England, we will not be going to the 2019 Asylum, as much as we enjoyed it in 2016. That means a lot less expense right there. And, we learned so much about being a smart traveler then, and we are learning even more now. I am sure we will have enough money for the whole stay (now looking to be three weeks), and maybe some for any future travelling we might do, too. Penney’s Steampunk General Store has had five successful shows so far this summer (including the annual anime convention, one of our best three-day events ever), and we have five more to go to, right up to the beginning of December.

We hope you enjoy the Steampunk November. Our annual big event, the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition, has been unfortunately postponed (not cancelled) to an as-yet unannounced date, but other events do spring up here and there, so we will stay busy.

I believe I am done for the moment, and I hope this can get in before the next issue. Enjoy the Labour Day weekend, and happy school afterwards. See you with that next issue.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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August 30th, 2018
04:40 pm


Loc on Purrsonal Mewsings 63 & 64 (R-Laurraine Tutihasi, ed.)
Dear Laurraine:

Like so many fanzine titles this year, I have been catching up on several issues at once. Much of this summer has been spent travelling and vending all over southern Ontario, and there are more shows to come. Writing has taken a back seat, and I will try to fix at least some of that now. I have here issues 63 and 64 of Purrsonal Mewsings, and here is a loc on both.

63… Cooper’s hawks are beautiful. We’ve been to some events this summer where birds of prey are on display, and Yvonne heads straight for the owls. I would need to check if Cooper’s hawks are up here, too. One bird that is fairly new to this area is the turkey vulture. We also get opossums here, and all of this is a feature of global warming.

We had a wonderful trip to England in 2016, and when we came back, we decided we wanted to go back again. We now plan to return in 2019, and Yvonne has gotten herself a short-term job at a local casino’s accounting department to help fill the coffers for the trip. I can’t seem to find any work, but Yvonne has no trouble with that at all.

The locol…has there been any firm decisions about Pluto’s status? First a planet, and then not, and then I heard its planetary status may be reinstated… I haven’t heard anything lately.

My letter…well, I was employed, with a mystery shopper company that took me on as part of a government programme that paid for most of my salary. As soon as the subsidy ran out, suddenly my work was of poor quality, and I was let go. I tried to watch The Orville, and didn’t like it. I did quite like Discovery. We are very lucky in that our local SF channel shows it. The show itself is shot in Toronto. We did go to Novi again, and had a good time, but the energy was missing this time around, and I doubt the con will be held again next year.

64… Going to Africa is quite the trip. England is more our speed, and more and more, Yvonne has mobility problems. If I recall, more moons have been discovered orbiting Jupiter, and it now has more than 65 moons that we know of.

My loc…I don’t buy much in the way of clothes these days. I wear what I have, but I sometimes have a tough time buying off the rack. This is where I must go to a store and try on a piece of clothing to see if it fits all over. It is a cool day outside as I write, but usually, it’s almost unbearably warm here this time of year. The last few years, that warm weather made it into mid- to late October. Climate change, I guess. Some mention the heavy lava flows in Hawaii…has that abated? After recent weather reports of heavy rain, did one stop the other?

With the reminder of Harlan’s passing, I will say thank you for these two issues, and I will try my best (yeah, right) to keep up. See you soon.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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