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Loc on Journey Planet 28 - 32 (Chris Garcia and James Bacon, eds.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
January 11th, 2017
09:24 pm


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Loc on Journey Planet 28 - 32 (Chris Garcia and James Bacon, eds.)

Dear Chris, James, and all others who worked on these issues:

You two main instigators have been putting out a lot of issues of Journey Planet, and of course, I must respond. It’s what I do. Five issues came out pretty fast, 28 to 32. All of them have specific themes, and I do not know if I know enough about those themes to make relevant comments, but I shall make the effort, and who knows, I might go more than a page. No promises! Off I go.

28…Greetings to Esther MacCallum-Stewart and Selena Nash! Role-playing games…nope, never played those. I can see how people do like playing the games, but I’ve never been attracted to them. About the only connection I might have is that I was one of the top-hatted characters in a video promoting the latest steampunkish version of Assassins Creed. I do remember at our local convention, the gamers were RPGing in the gaming room, and some would leave the property for the ravine behind the hotel, and do some LARPing. We’d see them disappear down the ravine on Friday, and I’d swear some of them never emerged until the Sunday.

Congrats on the Alfie! I wondered what it looked like. Anything with games in it should have had an interview with Ed Greenwood, Elminster himself. How does a non-gamer like me know Ed? We were at school together in Toronto.

29…Greetings to Chuck Serface. I remember the original Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward, with all what I thought was the silly villains, and saw them all once, I think and didn’t care to see them again. I did see the first movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, but only at the home of a friend. I have never seen any of the movies in the theatres. Again, Batman is not a character I really care about, and have never followed him. In some ways, I am amazed the character has been as popular as it’s been.

I have noticed there are many Batmen in our area, and I suspect there’s lots of cosplaying Dark Knights. I am going to a convention in February as a vendor, and if I recall, Brampton Batman is a guest. I think there is also a Toronto Batman.

30…World War I is an important war to any Canadian. Canada had only been in existence for less than 50 years, and before that was simply a British colony, but because a country in its own right with our own battalions, our own contribution to the war, and our own glorious dead. I respect those who serve, but I reject those politicians who send our youth to pick a fight they start.

In some parts of Toronto, the cenotaphs that were put into place to remember the two World Wars are in trouble…James, you would probably know about the Royal Legion, and here, the Royal Canadian Legion. Now that all WWI combatants are gone, and many WWII are gone, too, Legion properties are being sold off, and some of them hold cenotaphs to commemorate their locally-born dead. Those monuments have to go, but where they go to is up in the air right now. Many small town and villages in Ontario have those slabs of marble and granite at the centre of town.

Hello to Lisa Macklem! She certainly knows how important the railway was and is to Canada…it was the deal, the transcontinental railway, that brought many of the assorted British colonies together as Canada. Speaking of rail…James, I suspect you’ve seen the multi-part series Full Steam Ahead, with Alex Langlands, Peter Ginn and Ruth Goodman. We certainly have…comments? Those three do these documentaries well. I’d rather be informed than entertained, but if I can have both, that’s great, and their Farm series do both. We saw those poppies this past August when we were in London, and again when we were in Lincoln.

31…Oops, more comics. I was never a collector, never having had any comics to collect. The few comics I may have had as a kid, my mother threw them out if I wasn’t reading them again and again. Greetings to Pádraig Ó Méalóid! Now, as I say comics, I mean American-style comics. Later on, my Scottish grandparents would send me British-style comics, and I owned huge stacks of the Beano and the Dandy, and later, the Hotspur and the Wizard.

32…Greetings to Erin Underwood and Errick A. Nunnally. Boskone is a convention I had always wanted to go to in the past, going back to the 80s. We did some work with the Boston in ’89 Worldcon bid… check some of the publications, like Mad 3 Party, and you will see me there.

There’s some great photos there, looking even better with the addition of age. Even better are the programme book covers and ads. This con has been around for some time, and that’s why I’d been able to go to it. Still, Yvonne and I were at Noreascon 3, which may be the best we could do.

Well, what do you know? I did do more than a page. A page and a half isn’t bad at all. Not good for five issues in a row, but what can you do? Anyway, time to work on this further, wrap it up, and get it ready to head out to the JP address. Marvellous artwork and layout all over. Many thanks, take care, and see you with the next issue. We hope Christmas and New Year’s were spectacular for you. See you later in that SFnal year of 2017.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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