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Loc on Alexiad 90 (Joseph Major, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
January 13th, 2017
11:07 am


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Loc on Alexiad 90 (Joseph Major, ed.)
Dear Joe:

Many thanks for Alexiad 90, and happy belated birthday. The best explanation for the Cubs’ victory in the World Series may have been a deal with the devil. That may also explain your president-elect. One unimaginable for another. Aren’t I just a fountain of delight? Something happier, I hope, will follow this paragraph.

I am still job hunting, although I have had some good interviews. I almost got on with Nasdaq Canada, but almost doesn’t pay the bills. There are some jobs in the works that I hope I will qualify for, once the potential employer figures out what they want. In the meantime, the resumes continue to flow out. While I do that, Yvonne prepares for her own retirement. She does so at the end of this year, December 29, to be exact. I honestly can only think of the Wall Street Journal as the only American news source I would trust. All others have a political bent based on their ownership. When I see local papers with a sports story on the front page, I think it must have been a slow news day, or the papers continue to hide the true news of the day from the electorate, thereby slowly taking away their franchise. Could be either.

I had heard of Buzz Aldrin’s collapse in Antarctica, but have heard nothing more, which says to me that Buzz continues to recover. I’d also heard that the new king of Thailand at first had not wanted to succeed his late father to the throne, but later accepted his fate. I wonder what his thinking was when he finally said yes to the life sentence of being a monarch.

Your description of Chico and Harpo Marx as aged and tired…I can certainly sympathize, and I feel that way right now. Then again, it could be the cold I am coming down with, and the fact that Yvonne is recovering from the flu. Your essay on the books that make up the two books of Altered Space reminds me that we did see a movie recently. Not Rogue One, and not the newest Star Trek movie, but Hidden Figures, the story of how three mathematicians, all black and female, helped to put John Glenn in space. An excellent movie, especially given Glenn’s recent passing. Indeed, an era has ended, and the movie reminded us all of that fact, combined with America’s problem with blacks and women at that (and this) time.

Conventions for me these days consists of cons, not usually on my regular circuit (much of which doesn’t exist any more), but on a relatively new (for us) circuit of conventions and shows where we can sell our wares. Our next convention is Genrecon 2017 in Guelph, northwest of Toronto, and we have a table there. It is a gaming/comics/cosplay convention, and we have felt like Mom and Dad looking after the kids there, but sales have been good in the past, so off we go. Our interest in Steampunk also means we can bring a costume or two along, and not feel too out of it.

Fandom is getting old? We are already there, at the blistering rate of one second per second. And minor illness isn’t helping. I am losing a fight with a cold, and Yvonne is fighting the flu right now. I am having trouble keeping my eyes open, and it is mid-morning. There is more to read, but I can’t do it with closed eyes. I will say many thanks for this issue, and I hope to have some good personal news for you soon.

                                                                                              Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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