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Loc on Lightning Round Vol. 3 No. 5 (Al Bouchard, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
January 16th, 2017
11:01 pm


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Loc on Lightning Round Vol. 3 No. 5 (Al Bouchard, ed.)
Dear Al:

It’s taken a while, but I do work in relative order when it comes to electronic zines. When I get them, they go in a folder, and I work from the oldest file in the folder. And so, The All-New Lightning Round Vol. 3 No. 5 is the next up. Or, I could have what Carol Merrill is bringing down the centre aisle…

No, I will go with the zine at hand. I keep lists of what I need to do, want to do, and all commitments I have for the future, and loccing zines is in there somewhere. There isn’t time to do it all, and do all the goofing off I want to do, too. I must manage my time better. Happy belated birthday…Yvonne’s was on December 19. We’ve had our snow and cold, but right now, we haven’t got either, but the weather forecast is calling for substantial freezing rain. Time to get snug, and wait out this mess.

Remember all those episodes of The Simpsons when the writers, in an attempt to make the situation as dystopian as possible, made Trump the President? Well, those writers are more prescient then they really wanted to be, and dystopia is here. He still got 3 million votes less, but still won the presidency, and he has gone forth to purposefully alienate Muslims, Jews, women, Mexicans and now, according to the news services (all fake, he says), he’s pissed off the Germans, without even trying. Could there be a worse candidate? Don’t answer that…

It does make me wish that with all he’s done, in violation of umpteen dozen rules and laws, including your Constitution, a senior judge could come down with a major ruling, invalidating the election, and declaring that a new one must be run. With observers from neutral countries, of course.

Our next show is in Guelph the beginning of February, Genrecon 2017. Our two weeks in England were glorious. We’d return in a heartbeat, but we would need even more money than we had saved. I have a local community college’s employment service helping me with my search, but if I had $5 for every resume I had sent out, well, I could go back to England.

Trump is the epitome of the saying I see so much of this time of year…politicians are like diapers, they should be changed regularly, and for the same reason. I wish the Electoral College had done their job, but I would imagine few of those EC members would know the reason for that College.

Age…we’re all of that age where infirmities crop up. It’s a pain, but as long as we don’t let those little aches and pains stop us from doing the fun things we like to do, we can still grow old disgracefully. I have often thought about exploring my own family tree, but the ancestry pages on line are a little too expensive right now. Maybe once I get working again. It would be great to full trace your lineage back to Louis Riel. Sixty? I am 57, and Yvonne retires at the end of this year. Time is flashing past us at the breakneck speed of one second per second, and we should be grateful it’s not any faster than that.

All done, and off it goes. Many thanks for this issue, and see you with the next.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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