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Loc on The National Fantasy Fan Vol. 75 No. 12 (George Phillies, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
January 19th, 2017
12:31 pm


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Loc on The National Fantasy Fan Vol. 75 No. 12 (George Phillies, ed.)

Dear Neffers:

Thanks for Vol. 75, No. 12 of The National Fantasy fan. This will probably be a fast loc given the time, and also given the fact I do not have any Internet access at all right now. Yay, Bell Canada! So, here comes some comments on the issue, and anything else that comes to mind.

Congratulations to the election winners!, but it’s easy to see that few voters participated. For the future, members have to participate more, and take part. Tell your newly-elected officials what you want to see in the NFFF, and given them your directions. They are there to represent what you want.

I did not know much of the origins of elves in our modern Christmas habits. I know of the origins of Santa Claus, from the Coca-Cola ads, so I definitely prefer the European Father Christmas.

It’s always good to see something about Ray Bradbury, even if it’s just his bio. I only met him once, at an American Worldcon, but he seemed overwhelmed by the whole thing. I wish I’d had the chance to sit down with him and chat. And, good to see something about John W. Campbell. To be honest, I hadn’t even seen a picture of Campbell until a couple of years ago. We all need reminders of these giants of our genre. I had never heard of the Kuslans…I don’t think their names appear in any of the better-known fan histories like All Our Yesterdays or A Wealth of Fable. There’s always something new to learn.

That’s all for now…I have the latest issue of Tightbeam to respond to, so I will get on that in a day or so. Many thanks for the last issue of 2016, and I look forward to the first issue of 2017.

     Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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