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Loc on Opuntia 362 - 365 (Dale Speirs, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
January 27th, 2017
01:48 pm


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Loc on Opuntia 362 - 365 (Dale Speirs, ed.)
Dear Dale:

It never takes long, but now, I’ve got four more issues of Opuntia, 362 to 365, and comments on each follow after the end of the paragraph.

362…Toques on a cowboy hat. Well, if there’s anything more Canadian than that, I can’t think of it. I don’t get to downtown Toronto very much these days, so I don’t know what decorations were there. I am sure there were lots in the big buildings there, with homeless shoved to the side. Merry Christmas, indeed. I agree, most newspapers will not exist in paper format within the next ten years or so. This will make it easier for most people to stay ignorant about the world around them, which in turn will allow politicians to do as they please without the knowledge of their electorate.

With the recent deaths of Mary Tyler Moore and Mike Connors, I continue to feel like my own personal reality if falling apart, little bit by little bit. As I read your newest essay on The Man From U.N.C.L.E., I realized that of all the actors listed here, only David McCallum is left alive.

That’s an interesting photograph of the Queen visiting the bullion vaults of the Bank of England. I’ve read recently that many countries brag about their gold stores, but some of them truly have no gold at all. It’s only the reports of their gold hoards that props up their currencies.

363…Yes, it’s the country’s 150th anniversary of Confederation, and the celebration is called Canada 150. I remember the centennial year…why isn’t anybody using the term sesquicentennial? Too many syllables?

Right now, our temperatures have been just above freezing, and we have had a couple of days above 10°C, so there’s no snow on the ground at all. All that rush to get the snow tires on the car… I also remember the fuss over the Maple Leaf flag, too. Some of the designs reminded me of drawings 7-year-olds would make in art class at school, to go on the fridge at home. Such a political mess, and I know there are some who still don’t like the single red leaf design.

364…I had the idea of putting together a steampunk anthology, and floated the idea to Edge Publishing, but true to my form, the Clockwork Canada anthology was in the publishing stages. Who knows, perhaps I can do another one at some point.

365…Tomorrow is indeed the Lunar New Year, and we are celebrating by going to this weekend’s Toronto Tea Festival, held at the reference library downtown. The New Year will be the Year of the Rooster. The tea festival usually has some interesting giveaways for those of us who attend.

With our trip to England this past August, we did ride in the Tube a number of times. We’re spoiled rotten in that in Toronto a flight of stairs will take you from Line 1 to Line 2. In London, to get from one line to another, it’s long hallways, stairs here and there, fast escalators and sometimes, elevators, to get to where you want to go. The trains are fast and comfortable, although the Toronto trains are roomier.

The locol…Murray Moore is indeed the Secretary of the CSFFA, and I have accepted the position of Historian. I have yet to get anything done for them, given I am still not working, but I look forward to having some time to confirm the accuracy of past Aurora winners, and see what other news stories over the years could be inserted into the history of the CSFFA. Our next online meeting in this coming Monday, in fact.

I think I have done what I can here…I’m sure you’ve got more issues on the go. Send me a few more, and another letter will come your way. See you then.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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