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Loc on The White Notebooks 7 (Pete Young, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
January 31st, 2017
07:51 pm


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Loc on The White Notebooks 7 (Pete Young, ed.)
Dear Pete:

Thank you muchly for The White Notebooks 7. I especially do like parks, like High Park in Toronto, and Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC. Many of the parks I’ve been in have little alcoves where you can retreat from the world around you, and have a little lunch, and time to yourself. There are many parks closeby in Toronto, with lots of picnic tables and benches…there’s never enough time to explore and relax, and this time of year doesn’t exactly help.

There’s lots of fogeys of all ages in fanzine fandom, but I think there’s only a few that are younger than 50 or so. I am 57 now, and Yvonne retires at the end of this year. Some people won’t respond to online only fanzines, but I try to respond to them all. Yes, there are friends we are losing all the time…we very much miss Mike Glicksohn. But, we realize this, and are determined not to be living life with few or no friends, so with our interests in steampunk and local groups, we have many friends from that interest, and in many cases, feel like the oldest in the room. My own feeling towards fandom changes with time, and I remember an old Rotsler cartoon…”Fandom, so neat, so nifty…too bad it’s full of fans.”

My loc…I am still looking. The jobs appear online, but whether or not they are real, I don’t know. I think the at-home weeding will be starting soon, for there are many books on the shelf I have read once or twice, and since, they gather dust. My fanzine collection fills a locker I shouldn’t have, so I might be forced to give it away.

Belated condolences on the death of your father. I suppose we are at the age where death becomes an everyday part of it, whether it is a loved one, a friend or someone whose artistic works you loved.  2016 was certainly bad for that, and now, 2017 seems set to repeat that. My parents taught me to read extremely early, but as far as my own interest in science and space, that’s my own development. Mum brought home the anthologies from the library, though. I admit that I have not read any SF for several years now, no doubt going through my own hiatus. Perhaps when I am working again, I might get back in to SF. As I read your comments on your father, Yvonne is going through the same kind of thing with her mother. Gabrielle lives in a French-Canadian retirement home near the shore of Lake Ontario, she is in her mid-90s, and she is slowly losing her grasp on the moment. Yvonne is visiting with her as I write.

Add to Brexit the horrors of the Donald Trump presidency. We have plans to go to Michigan in July of this year, but given the erratic behavior of Trump, we might not be able to go now. Time will tell.

I write as I wait for Yvonne to come back from her mother’s place…the place she lives reminds us both of a hospital, for when you stay there long enough, it feels like many of the people there are simply waiting to die. A horrible thing to say, but that is our impression.

I will sign off, and say my thanks for this issue. I hope to have much better personal news with the next issue; looking forward to it. See you then.

                                                                                               Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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