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Loc on Vibrator 2.0.35 & 2.0.36 (Graham Charnock, ed.) - Lloyd's Locs Box - Fanzine letters of comment
February 9th, 2017
11:28 am


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Loc on Vibrator 2.0.35 & 2.0.36 (Graham Charnock, ed.)
Dear Graham:

Once again, I am two issues behind, and the perpetual catch-up is on again. I have issues 2.0.35 and 2.0.36 of Vibrator, and…launch.

2.0.35…Cannot disagree with your letter to America at all. This utter fool that’s been elected has no charisma or empathy at all. He cannot get along with anyone, he has surrounded himself with spin doctors and other fools, the worst possible candidates for such high offices. He tweets offensively, he has no grasp of reality, and he and his team are attempting to rewrite reality with insane interpretations and complete fabrications. The worst thing is, there are millions and millions of people who think he’s great. I could write pages more, but I haven’t written anything that other have expounded upon in much better fashion. He is the worst possible choice, and any that might follow him are even worse. It’s going to be a long four years. If Trump is to lose office, it will not be assassination, but through mental incapacity. The latest rumours are that Sarah Palin the idiot may become ambassador to Canada. Pity us. (The Republicans do all the horrible things they say they’re against, and then accuse the Democrats of doing it. Classic distraction, and the American voters fall for it every time.)

I do not remember most of my early Christmases, except for some minor disappointments when I asked for particular items for Christmas, and I didn’t get them. I also remember the disappointment of opening the last present, so I guess Christmases were not all that happy. Yvonne and I give each other lists of what we’d like, so while there are not many surprises under the tree, those wanted items are there waiting to be opened and enjoyed.

The locol…I have many Facebook friends, but I do try to make sure it stays light, Trump notwithstanding. Trolls are dispatched, and I stay in touch with friends and relatives. It never bothers me at all. However, there is always the temptation of jumping into other social media, and no, Facebook and LinkedIN take up enough time as it is. After all the discussion on death, we got in touch with our lawyer (also a local fan), and we must meet with him soon to discuss wills.

2.0.36…I think this is the first tribute to Peter Weston I’ve seen, and I know there’s a half-issue of Ansible about him, and Chris Garcia has something on the go, too. I never met Peter, but he provided me with a ton of fine paper fanzines over the years, with a lot of background on British fan history. He may have been a little bemused at someone from the other side of the Atlantic wanting his zines, but he never disappointed. My condolences to all of you at losing our friend Peter.

Trump doesn’t read books, and seems to know nothing about history or the world around him. He is truly a petty, spoiled child in an adult body. Every generation that has kids wants their kids to be normal, but given that normal these days seems to be dull and boring, why would they want that for their children? My parents taught me to read and write at a very early age, and my kindergarten teacher had to get me to stop writing so she could teach me to print. I was not a normal kid, and my world is that much larger because of that.

My loc…it reminds me that Trump and Trudeau will be meeting in a few days. I expect Trump will attempt to lay down the law, and scold Justin like a disappointed father, and I do expect that Justin will not take any of Trump’s crap. Trump has offended the heads of state of Indonesia, Australia and more, just by being on the phone; now to see what he does when he meets Trudeau face to face. I expect it will not be good.

It’s getting too depressing, so I will end it, and find more positive things to talk about. Thanks for these two issues, keep looking up, and see you with the next one.

                                                                                              Yours, Lloyd Penney.

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